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Be Aware A Mine Risk Education program performed by our edutainment team to increase the level of awareness for children on the danger of mines and cluster bombs.
Direct Aid Distribution of goods such as food, household items and clothing to the underprivileged and needy rural communities throughout Lebanon.
Programs for Children The Clooney Tunes animation team provides edutainment programs for thousands of children throughout Lebanon. Using music and drama, these interactive shows reinforce character development and educational themes such as enviromental awareness and teamworking.
Training Programs The Motivational Volunteer Empowerment (MOVE) program offers training in the field of volunteerism and leadership, and empowers the participants to have a positive impact in the community. 

Update: Programs for Children

Thanks to the sponsorship of Etihad Airlines, our animation team visited Hopital des Soeurs de la Croix in Dar El Kamar for adults with special needs and INSAN association in Sinifil for refugee children. Approximately 150 beneficiaries enjoyed two hours of animation and clown acts, and participated in interactive games and dancing. In addition, at the end of each event, clothing and educational toys were distributed.

Update: Direct Aid

We also received a large donation of food supplies, home and electrical appliances. Deliveries of these items were made to recipients at the Convent du Bon Pastuer and the families of inmates at the Roumieh Prison.

Happy Children Center in Alle received 500 pieces of clothing from our Care in a Box project.

Quote of the Day

Love is the ability to see beyond the faults of another and to discover the beauties of his or her heart.

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